The Use Of Cannabis For Medical Treatment

The decades-long struggle for the legalization of medical marijuana in the country was based on a clear understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis. While many disagreed on the harmful side effects of the recreational use of the drug, the medical marijuana use became legal in state after state. At present patients in more than 18 states are allowed to use medical marijuana for treating certain conditions.

The need for medical marijuana legalization

The marijuana was found to be effective in treating certain diseases. In case of diseases like cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc medical marijuana can be used for reducing at least some of the painful symptoms. The research conducted on the medical benefits of cannabis so far only justified these claims.

There was a tendency in the past to dismiss these effects of marijuana on the patients as the ‘getting high’ feeling one gets from smoking weed. However, the scientific evidence has convinced even the doctors to prescribe the medical marijuana to some of their patients.

All these findings have prompted the lawmakers in many states to make medical marijuana legal for treating some medical conditions. Strict provisions have been put in place to ensure that only the most deserving patients get to use the drug while keeping the drug away from other patients who have other avenues of effective treatment available.

You will find some of the most life-threatening diseases in the list of the medical conditions for which the patients are allowed to seek permission to use marijuana. These patients need not be bothered about the so-called short-term or long-term side effects of marijuana when they are fighting such medical conditions like cancer or AIDS.

The chemotherapy subjects the patients to powerful radiation in an effort to destroy the cancer cells. However, the procedure has many side effects including pain, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, hair loss, etc. Using a psychoactive drug like the marijuana will make it easier for the cancer patients to go through the procedure.

For those who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, the common symptoms like the muscle weakness and spasms can be reduced by using medical marijuana. Cannabis-based drugs can even be used for treating certain psychiatric conditions.

The ‘addictive nature of the drug’ argument is only applicable to the THC. The medical applications of other cannabinoids in the marijuana need to be legalized in the US.