Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Many states now allow the cultivation of marijuana for medical uses. So far, only Washington and Colorado have allowed the recreational use of marijuana. In some states, the offense of marijuana possession of small quantities has been downgraded as a misdemeanor. All this shows that legal atmosphere is favorable for the advent of marijuana industry at least in some states. So, why not start a marijuana farm and become a marijuana entrepreneur.

Growing cannabis outdoors

You have to start by choosing whether to go an indoor marijuana farm or an outdoor one. If it is legally possible, you can go for an outdoor marijuana farm. In some states, the outdoor cultivation of marijuana is banned to discourage the criminal activities. Ever since marijuana was legalized, many marijuana growers have reported many robbery attempts on their marijuana farm. In addition, many residents started complaining about the strong odor coming from the neighboring marijuana farms.

However, growing cannabis outdoors increases the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the marijuana buds. Moreover, indoor cultivation of marijuana is more expensive than outdoor cultivation. Indoor cultivation will require you to install watering, lighting and ventilation systems to provide the right atmosphere for the growth of the plants. In addition, you have to worry about building codes, fire safety requirements, etc for the indoor farm.

You have to start by picking the right seeds for the farm. There are plenty of marijuana varieties available for indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana. You need to consider many factors before choosing the seeds. The quality of the soil in your region, the PH level of the water, etc should all be taken in to account.

The lighting requirements for your marijuana farm

The sunlight is a major requirement for the marijuana farm. The farm should be grown in a spot where it gets plenty of natural sunlight. It is recommended that the marijuana plants should receive 10 hours of sunlight every day. So, avoid planting the marijuana plants near any tall plants or trees that will block out the sunlight.

The same 10-hour rule is applicable when you are growing marijuana indoors. In this case, you have to resort to artificial lighting systems. The indoor variety of the marijuana plants might require more hours of light than outdoor marijuana plants. This could vary.

If you do it properly, you could end up with a very profitable harvest of marijuana buds at the end of the year.