How Much Do You Really Know About Marijuana

Marijuana is the most controversial and prolonged debate topics that have been in the news for over decades. The use of marijuana has been considered as illegal for a long time; however, the attitude of people towards marijuana use has gradually become casual over the past years. In the quest to put an end to this argument, researchers and studies have brought some amazing marijuana facts to light.

Do you know?

Marijuana is a product of the Cannabis sativa hemp plant. There are three subspecies of cannabis plants namely Cannabis sativa, Cannabis sativa indica, and Cannabis sativa Ruderalis. However, cannabis sativa indica is the most common strain used for producing skunk, hash, kif, or marijuana.

The key components of marijuana are THC delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD Cannabinol. It is supposed that marijuana contains around 400 chemical compounds including THC. The active ingredient of marijuana, THC, is also available in the synthetic form, which is commonly known as Marinol. The influence of marijuana on the users depends upon the amount of THC content in the product.

When a person smokes cannabis, the THC acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and affects memory, concentration, the perception of time, and movement. The effects of THC usually last for up to three to four hours.

Some amazing cannabis facts

Cannabis costs between $85 and $210 anywhere across the globe depending upon quantity. Studies conducted at the Beckley Foundation say that cannabis smoking has minimal negative effects on lungs when compared to smoking cigarettes.

Cannabis has been in use from the ancient Mesolithic period (from around 10,000 B.C.). Indian traditions say that cannabis is a gift from gods to enhance delight, courage, and sexual mood, while some of the traditional pictures also feature Indian gods smoking marijuana.

Cannabis is considered as a herb in China and is included in the list of the 50 most common herbs that are used for medicinal properties. Medical benefits of cannabis include relieving pain, reducing anxiety, enhancing appetite, and controlling sugar levels. Queen Victoria was prescribed marijuana to ease period pains.

Where the federal laws on marijuana consider it as harmful as heroin and cocaine, on the other hand, more than a dozen state laws allow cannabis use within the state boundaries. There are more than 140 million cannabis smokers all across the globe, and the cannabis facts say that the numbers are steadily increasing over time. There is no doubt that marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the world.

The Use Of Cannabis For Medical Treatment

The decades-long struggle for the legalization of medical marijuana in the country was based on a clear understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis. While many disagreed on the harmful side effects of the recreational use of the drug, the medical marijuana use became legal in state after state. At present patients in more than 18 states are allowed to use medical marijuana for treating certain conditions.

The need for medical marijuana legalization

The marijuana was found to be effective in treating certain diseases. In case of diseases like cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc medical marijuana can be used for reducing at least some of the painful symptoms. The research conducted on the medical benefits of cannabis so far only justified these claims.

There was a tendency in the past to dismiss these effects of marijuana on the patients as the ‘getting high’ feeling one gets from smoking weed. However, the scientific evidence has convinced even the doctors to prescribe the medical marijuana to some of their patients.

All these findings have prompted the lawmakers in many states to make medical marijuana legal for treating some medical conditions. Strict provisions have been put in place to ensure that only the most deserving patients get to use the drug while keeping the drug away from other patients who have other avenues of effective treatment available.

You will find some of the most life-threatening diseases in the list of the medical conditions for which the patients are allowed to seek permission to use marijuana. These patients need not be bothered about the so-called short-term or long-term side effects of marijuana when they are fighting such medical conditions like cancer or AIDS.

The chemotherapy subjects the patients to powerful radiation in an effort to destroy the cancer cells. However, the procedure has many side effects including pain, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, hair loss, etc. Using a psychoactive drug like the marijuana will make it easier for the cancer patients to go through the procedure.

For those who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, the common symptoms like the muscle weakness and spasms can be reduced by using medical marijuana. Cannabis-based drugs can even be used for treating certain psychiatric conditions.

The ‘addictive nature of the drug’ argument is only applicable to the THC. The medical applications of other cannabinoids in the marijuana need to be legalized in the US.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Many states now allow the cultivation of marijuana for medical uses. So far, only Washington and Colorado have allowed the recreational use of marijuana. In some states, the offense of marijuana possession of small quantities has been downgraded as a misdemeanor. All this shows that legal atmosphere is favorable for the advent of marijuana industry at least in some states. So, why not start a marijuana farm and become a marijuana entrepreneur.

Growing cannabis outdoors

You have to start by choosing whether to go an indoor marijuana farm or an outdoor one. If it is legally possible, you can go for an outdoor marijuana farm. In some states, the outdoor cultivation of marijuana is banned to discourage the criminal activities. Ever since marijuana was legalized, many marijuana growers have reported many robbery attempts on their marijuana farm. In addition, many residents started complaining about the strong odor coming from the neighboring marijuana farms.

However, growing cannabis outdoors increases the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the marijuana buds. Moreover, indoor cultivation of marijuana is more expensive than outdoor cultivation. Indoor cultivation will require you to install watering, lighting and ventilation systems to provide the right atmosphere for the growth of the plants. In addition, you have to worry about building codes, fire safety requirements, etc for the indoor farm.

You have to start by picking the right seeds for the farm. There are plenty of marijuana varieties available for indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana. You need to consider many factors before choosing the seeds. The quality of the soil in your region, the PH level of the water, etc should all be taken in to account.

The lighting requirements for your marijuana farm

The sunlight is a major requirement for the marijuana farm. The farm should be grown in a spot where it gets plenty of natural sunlight. It is recommended that the marijuana plants should receive 10 hours of sunlight every day. So, avoid planting the marijuana plants near any tall plants or trees that will block out the sunlight.

The same 10-hour rule is applicable when you are growing marijuana indoors. In this case, you have to resort to artificial lighting systems. The indoor variety of the marijuana plants might require more hours of light than outdoor marijuana plants. This could vary.

If you do it properly, you could end up with a very profitable harvest of marijuana buds at the end of the year.