Is my Boyfriend a Weed Addict? Get them to STOP Smoking!

Despite the fact that weed is less addictive than most
illegal substances, it can make you adopt some harmful habits that can be
difficult to control. Be informed that too much marijuana can cause damage to
your physical abilities, social interactions as well as everyday activities.

Therefore, if you’ re a long-term weed smoker, it is high time that you try
adopting to measures that will see you quit smoking. Be assured that quitting
pot is very possible, in fact, easier than with most other addictive smoking
substances. Here’s the main tips that you should know
on how to get boyfriend to stop smoking weed:


Tip# 1: Advice Your Boyfriend to Throw All His Pot:-

It is a fact that getting rid of those things which make it easier
for you to smoke again will greatly contribute to your attempt of quitting marijuana.
Advice your partner to get rid of any matches, lighters, roach clips,
containers, or bongs. Also, let the person flush any remaining marijuana down
the latrine.

The idea is destroying anything which makes the person want
to smoke pot, whether it is his favorite poster or video game in the


Tip# 2: Finding a Replacement Activity:-

It is ideal that you advise your partner to devote him
to a sport or hobby. Tell the person to
engage him in any sort of activity that often makes him
happy. Here are some of the things that you can advise your partner to try in
your attempt to assist him stop pot; reading the newspaper, cooking,
swimming or taking long walks when he or she is free.



Tip# 3: Assisting the Person with Tricks on How to Manage
His Urges:-

Since the person will most likely have an urge to smoke,
more often, ensure that you give him tricks on how to react to these.
Some of the things that can help a person avoid giving into the urge for pot

*Avoiding visiting the places that make him want to

*Drinking plenty of water since staying hydrated will keep
the person healthy and eventually assist him battle his cravings.



Tip# 4: Assisting the Person Realize that the Quitting
Decision is Final:-

Make the person know that it is an issue he or she is
addressing and not a pleasure. Ensure that the person address the problem
before it gets out of control.

Last, but definitely not least, if this tips on how to help
a partner stop pot fails to be effective, advice the person you’re helping to
seek for the advice of a qualified physician.